Monte Rinaldo, Le Marche, Italy
Pecorino di Monte Rinaldo
Monte Rinaldo Pecora produce Pecorino  Formaggio (Cheese)

Monte Rinaldo Pecorino Cheese (Sheeps Milk!)
Artigianato: This means traditional methods for producing cheeses.

These cheeses are made by hand and include both soft and hard cheeses, the hard being generally used on pasta dishes.

The distinct flavour of the cheeses is based on the herbs that the sheep eat, on meadows that have not had herbicides on, the altitude of the land and its organic make up.
The herbs that Monte Rinaldo sheep feed on  makes the distinct flavour.
Producing Pecorino di Monte Rinaldo
Formaggio Artigianale Monte Rinaldo
Step by Step
Stage of Cheese Making

Formaggio Artigianale Monte Rinaldo

Formaggio Monte Rinaldo
Pecorino Monte Rinaldo

Pecorino di Monte Rinaldo left to mature naturally!

Formaggio Monte Rinaldo
Produzione Formaggi Artigianale